Richard Delingpole

About me

I was born in Worcester, where I live today and where I earn my living as a graphic designer. However, I have been a painter all my life.

I went through Art College: A Foundation Course at Bournville School of Art, Birmingham; A BA at Cheltenham Art College (as once was) and an MA at the University of Ulster in Belfast.

Having mostly painted in oils I recently discovered the joys of watercolour as a medium: the ability to mix a colour that is still usable the next day, the ability to pick up a brush and start painting immediately and the relatively easy creation of sensible sized paintings which can be easily printed.

The subject matter reflects my hobby of historical re-enactment.
I have variously been a Civil War Pikeman and Musketeer, a Napoleonic soldier from both the British and French sides, and more recently a French machine-gunner of the First World War.

About the work

The majority of the paintings on display here are watercolours I have painted over the last five years or so.

Other paintings are under the "Oils" section as that is the easiest way to differentiate them - the larger paintings are in oil and the smaller ones watercolour.

The watercolours are pretty much consistently A4 in size (that's 210 x 297mm) which makes them easy to handle, easier to paint and sets a scale at which I can indulge in minute detail without having to cover too large an area of paper.

It also makes them easier to have printed for sale. I have them printed to order by a professional lab. They are printed to the highest quality on the best paper with the best ink, which gives a result that is so close to the original you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.


If you're interested in buying a print please contact me at

Richard Delingpole