Richard Delingpole

"Uniforms in History" Cigarette Cards

The Front to Back series are now available as a set of cigarette cards. There are now 30 cards in the series. Others will follow in due course.

The small format only allows me to put the front-facing figure in place, thus the different name.

The are also available in themed sets mounted in and A4 cards with 10 windows. Themes include: WW2, The British Soldier, Napoleonic and Opponents. You can choose a colour for the mount - I tend to keep to dark blue, dark green and dark red but if you want anything else please ask. This will take a little longer though.

Full size prints are available here.


Full set of cards: £15 plus postage (76p for UK first class)

Full set in collector's sheet: £17 plus postage.

10 cards mounted £35 plus postage.
(Choose either 5 showing front along top, backs along bottom, or 10 cards just showing fronts.)

Full set of 30 mounted (includes extra set): £65 plus UK postage.

Email for orders.

Richard Delingpole