Richard Delingpole

27. Confederate Corporal, 1864

A soldier of the American Civil War, this is a corporal of the 32nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry.
C. S. A. Army of Northern Virginia. 1864

Just prior to entering the Petersburg trenches 1864.

Uniform consists of a forage cap in place of a regular Kepi or Slouch hat. His jacket is a Richmond depot type 2 of cadet grey with trim. He wears a civilian check shirt. Trousers are made of jeancloth. A cheap alternative to expensive wool. Boots are a type of footwear called a Brogan. Cheap rough leather which were badly made and didn't last long in the field. Over his jacket and accoutrements he carries a civilian coverlet in place of a heavy blanket.

The soldier carriers a breadbag containing food and private items. On his right side he carries a cartridge box holding his ammunition. A water bottle of wooden construction. Possibly a civilian purchase. A belt to which is attached a Percussion cap pouch. Also a bayonet with scabbard for his rifled musket, which is an 1862 Richmond. This was a Confederate copy of the 1861 US Springfield in. 58 calibre.

Richard Delingpole