Richard Delingpole

28. Federal recruit, 1864

Private Union Army. American Civil War.

This fresh faced new recruit is in typical uniform worn by the infantry at this time, be they hardened veterans or fresh faced recruit.

He wears a regulation Kepi. His Jacket is referred to as a sack coat. Evolved from a loose fitting civilian coat of the 1840s. The coats were very popular with the soldiers.

His trousers were of sky blue course Kersey cloth. Underneath this his undershirt would be of white flannel or coarse wool.

Much like his counterpart in the confederate army, his footwear was of rough leather and called Brogans. They were cheaply made and wore out quickly.

As a new recruit he has yet to unburden himself of unnecessary equipment. He has a black tarred haversack and heavy coarse wool blanket slung on his back. In his haversack would be extra clothing and private items. Over his shoulder he also has a breadbag containing items of food and small items. Over his other shoulder is a cartridge box for his ammunition.

His belt has an oval buckle with the letters US embossed on. On his belt would be his cap pouch and bayonet. A canteen is also worn. Made of two metal halves soldered together.

His Musket is an English made weapon an Enfield 1853 rifled musket in.577 calibre.

Richard Delingpole